Punishable ingredients of Ragging
  • Videos Regarding Ragging
    • Abetment to ragging;
    • Criminal conspiracy to rag;
    • Unlawful assembly and rioting while ragging;
    • Public nuisance created during ragging;
    • Violation of decency and morals through ragging;
    • Injury to body, causing hurt or grievous hurt;
    • Wrongful restraint;
    • Wrongful confinement;
    • Use of criminal force;
    • Assault as well as sexual offences or even unnatural offences;
    • Extortion;
    • Criminal trespass;
    • Offences against property;
    • Criminal intimidation;
    • Attempts to commit any or all of the above mentioned offences against the victim(s);
    • Physical or psychological humiliation.
    • All other offences following from the definition of "Ragging".

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