Ph.D Degree Examination
  • After the thesis is submitted, the Academic Section shall send a letter of invitation along with a copy of the synopsis of the thesis, submitted vide rule III.2., inviting the external examiners to work as examiners. When a person has accepted to work as an examiner, the Academic Section shall forward the thesis to him/her. In case an examiner informs of his/her inability to work as an examiner, or, the examiner has not conveyed his acceptance within a period of one month, the next person on the panel appointed by the Director shall be considered. Thus two hard copies of the theses shall be sent to the external examiners. One hard copy will be handed over to the Internal examiner (i.e. research guide) and one hard copy of the thesis and two soft copies will remain with the Academic Section.
  • The external examiners shall submit the evaluated report of the Ph.D. thesis within three months of the receipt of the thesis failing which the thesis shall be called back from the examiner and the examiner serially next on the panel shall be sent the thesis for evaluation. The external examiner shall conclude his report on the evaluation of the thesis on either of the following lines:
    • The thesis be accepted. OR
    • The thesis be resubmitted after revision. OR
    • The thesis be rejected.
  • If both the examiners report that the thesis is not acceptable, the student will be declared to have failed. He/She may, however, register afresh for the Ph.D. degree with the approval of the Departmental Committee.
  • If there is difference of opinion between the two external examiners about the acceptability or otherwise of the thesis, the third examiner serially on the panel be sent the thesis for evaluation. The decision about the acceptability or otherwise of the thesis at this stage shall be decided on the report of the third examiner and his decision shall be final.
  • A work that has been recommended for resubmission after revision may be resubmitted after due revision subject to payment of synopsis fee again. If necessary, the student may make a minor change in the title of the thesis only after it is recommended by his guide and approved by the Departmental Committee. Resubmission shall be done within a period of two years, failing which the registration of the student to the Ph.D. degree will stand cancelled.
  • The work that has been resubmitted shall be sent to the same examiners who evaluated the thesis earlier. If found absolutely necessary the examiner(s) serially next on the panel may be invited for evaluation work.
  • If both the examiners (among which one shall be an Indian and one Foreigner report that the thesis is acceptable then the student shall undergo the Viva-Voce test and appear for the Open Defence of his thesis.
    The comments of the External Examiners, shall be made available to the student to enable him to prepare for the Viva-Voce and Open Defence.
    The Viva-Voce test shall be conducted by the External Examiner (or Local External Examiner) and the Internal Examiner in the presence of the Chairperson.
    The Chairman shall conduct the proceedings of the Open Defence, and it is left to his discretion to allow/not allow a question. All interested persons can attend the Open Defence of the thesis and shall ask questions and participate in the discussion. The audience shall have no right to give their opinion on the suitability or otherwise of the thesis for the award.
    The student shall circulate copies of the synopsis of the thesis to the persons attending the Open Defence. He shall obtain the signatures of the audience present at the Open Defence on the attendance sheet and submit it to the Academic Section.
    The examiners present for the Viva-Voce and Open Defence, i.e. Chairman, the External Examiner and the Internal Examiner shall submit to the Academic Section, after the examination is over, their final consolidated report about the award of the Ph.D. degree. The recommendation shall be specific on one of the following lines:
    • The Ph.D. degree be awarded to the student OR
    • The student should undertake a fresh Viva-Voce and Open Defence
  • In case a fresh Viva-Voce and Open Defence is recommended by the Examiners, the report shall be sent by the Academic Section to the research guide of the Student for deciding the schedule for the fresh Viva-Voce and Open Defence. In such case a Local External Examiner shall be appointed to carry out the Viva-Voce and Open Defence.

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