Presentation of The Thesis
  • The guide and title of the Ph.D. thesis being presented shall exactly be as approved by the Departmental Committee concerned. It shall be presented after two calendar years but within the expiry of five calendar years from the date of registration to the Ph.D. programme. Only in exceptional cases, extension in the period of the Ph.D. registration by one year (beyond the normal five years period), may be considered by the Departmental Committee on the recommendation of the research guide. The request for extension shall be made before the expiry of five years.
  • A Ph.D. student shall give pre-synopsis presentation between two and three years from the date of Registration for the Ph.D. degree. The student, in consultation with the guide, shall approach the Head of the Department concerned for making necessary arrangements for the presentation. Copies of the draft Synopsis of the thesis shall be distributed by the student at the presentation. Suggestions, if any, made by the faculty and students at the presentation may be incorporated by the student in the final Synopsis and in the thesis after consultation with the guide.
  • Ph.D. student shall publish one research paper in a referred Journal before the submission of the thesis/monograph for adjudication, and produce evidence for the same in the form of acceptance letter or the reprint before the submission of thesis.
  • The student shall give an application for submission of final Synopsis. Along with the application he shall enclose the Ph.D. thesis presentation certificate obtained from the Head of the Department. He shall also enclose 15 copies of the final Synopsis signed by him, his research guide and co-research guide, along with soft copy of synopsis to Academic Section, if any, for distribution among the various Committee Members for finalizing the panel of examiners for evaluating the thesis along with the prescribed fee. The synopsis application shall be forwarded through the research guide and the Head of the Department for submission of the final synopsis for submission of the final synopsis.
  • The thesis shall be submitted after two months and within eight months of the date of submission of the final synopsis. The synopsis must be submitted before the completion of 4 years from the date of registration. In case, for reasons approved by the Departmental Committee, a student is unable to submit the thesis within the stipulated period of eight months, the date for the submission of the thesis may be extended by a maximum period of four months by the Departmental Committee provided the total period (from the Ph.D. registration to the submission of the thesis) shall not exceed five years (six years if extension is granted). In such a case the student shall pay a fine of Rs. 500/- for the late submission of the thesis.
  • If the thesis is not submitted within the stipulated period of eight months (plus an additional four months, if granted) the student shall pay the synopsis fee again for the submission of the thesis. After paying the synopsis fee again a student shall be permitted to submit his thesis at any time within a stipulated period of eight months, provided further that this period does not exceed the total Ph.D. registration period of five years /six years.
  • Spiral bound copies of the thesis shall be presented in a permanent and legible form in typescript or in print. It shall be typed in double spacing and the size of the paper, as far as possible, be 225 X 290mm (22.5 X 29cm).
  • Four hard copies (five copies in case there is a co-guide) and two soft copies of the thesis and final synopsis shall be submitted.
  • The thesis shall have the following certificate:
    that the work incorporated in this thesis (entitled) _________________________________
    __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ submitted by ____________________________________________ was carried out by the student under my/our supervision. Such material as has been obtained from other sources has been duly acknowledged in the thesis.

    (Signature of the Student) (Signature of Co-Guide) (Signature of Research Guide)

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