Department of Linguistics

Linguistics Discussion Group 2019-2020

IMLD and Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Divas - 22 February 2020

Certificate course 'Introduction to Linguistics' - 16 to 20 January 2020

Open Day-3 January 2020

International workshop on NMCs Workshop (19-20 Dec 2019)

Foreign Language Courses Inauguration and Valedictory Programme-23 November 2019

Linguistics Discussion Group 2018-2019

Contribution of Prof S M Katre to Linguistics and Sanskrit. (11-April-2017)

International Seminar on Munda Linguistics (16-17 March 2017)

International Mother Language Day (27 February 2017)

Short Term Certificate Course in Introduction to Linguistics. (06-24 February 2017)

Short Term Course in Computational Linguistics. (24-October-2016 to 15-November-2016)

Italian Course (08-July-2016)

Invited or Special Lectures in 2016-17 by the Linguistics Department

Linguistics Discussion Group 2016-2017

Workshop on Advanced Phonetics by Prof. Peri Bhaskararao. (03 March 2016)

International Mother Language Day and Marathi Bhasha Divas Celebrations (26 February 2016)

International Conference on Indian Languages in Contact Situations:Historical, Typological and Sociolinguistic Perspectives (4-6 February 2016)

Workshop on Language Contact by Prof. Yaron Matras. (3 February 2016)

Open Day - (30 January 2016)

Certificate Course in Introduction to Linguistics (13-29 January, 2016)

Valedictory Function of the Italian Language Course (Beginners Level) (14 January 2016)

International workshop on Noun modifying expressions (NMEs) in South Asian languages. (21-22 December, 2015)

Invited Lectures in 2015-16 by the Linguistics Department.

Linguistics Discussion Group

Seminar by Prof. Peri Bhaskararao in the Linguistics Dept.(22 December 2014)

Seminar in Historical Linguistics (8 October 2014)


International Mother Language Day (21 February 2012)


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