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Welcome Message
Prof. Prasad Joshi
Vice Chancellor (A.)
Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute
Deemed university, Pune
15 July 2019

Very distinguished Chief Guest Dr. G.B. Deglurkar, the Heads of the Departments, faculty and staff of the Institute, Registrar, Librarian and my dear students; I feel extremely honoured and privileged today to welcome new students who have chosen this prestigious Institute to pursue their higher education. This year we have satisfactory enrollment. I am glad to know that some of the students are coming from remote states of the country. Certainly they speak of students’ diversity in this University.

Dear students, I heartily congratulate all of you for achieving success at the graduation level and also for qualifying the entrance examination of this Deemed University. After completing your first stage of learning, you are now entering into an important phase of higher education to fulfill your goals of career. This phase of life is going to open for you many avenues of learning, best knowledge, research experience and opportunities for building your career. I am sure that your dreams will come true in the Deccan College in upcoming years.

You will be glad to know that Deccan College stands distinct from others. It is primarily a research Institute specializing in heritage studies. It is now on the thresholds of bicentenary of its establishment. Being founded as a Sanskrit Pathashala in 1821, the Deccan College has pioneered the research and teaching in the fields of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, Linguistics, and Sanskrit Lexicography.

Deccan College upholds the moto ‘सं श्रुतेन गमेमहि’, meaning let us be united with knowledge. This is the first verse of the Atharvaveda. श्रुत means what is heard. Knowledge was handed down from one generation to another in the oral tradition. So श्रुत means knowledge. This verse prays for unfailing union with knowledge. Vision of this Institute is to build an ancient knowledge system through discovery and scientific analyses of valuable information and historical data and to disseminate its significance to the region and the nation to achieve cultural growth, social parity, national integration and provide future direction.

Dear students, your attributes as graduates of Deccan College will be certainly unique. The world will expect you to be an expert in the subjects related to culture and heritage. Deccan College, being a research Institute, a student graduating from here is expected to be an inquisitive researcher and a critical thinker who is able to convey the significance of culture and heritage to the society. Past students of this University are contributing to the service of nation. We are proud to see our alumni serving at ASI, National and State Museums, state and national departments, and at other prestigious Universities and Institutions. I am hopeful that, you will also take the flag of Deccan College very high in the similar way.

Eminent personalities like Prof. S.M. Katre, Irawati Karve, H.D. Sankalia are described as pillars of this Institute. They have paved the path of high quality research and teaching in the Institute, which is being followed by the present generation. More than 90% of the faculty and staff of this College are with highest qualification of Ph.D. Besides teaching, they are engaged in pursuing research, attending national and international conferences, and publishing their research papers and books; thus keeping themselves upgrade in the field. I am sure you will receive quality education from the teachers here. The Deccan College provides you with the facilities of library that houses rare collection of books and periodicals, well equipped laboratories, museums, a phonetic lab, and the scriptorium with ten million references from Sanskrit literature. These are the fundamental resources for your study. I hope you will explore them fully.

Friends, Deccan College is a fertile soil. The seed that gets, itself engrossed into the soil, grows into a full- fledged tree with fruitful branches. Your role as students in the form of seed begins today. I wish every success to you.

I have told you in brief about what we are. You will get more information from my colleague Dr. Amruta Sarkar through PPT. I may tell now what we expect from you. As students you will be governed by the rules and regulations of the University. Raver your teachers, respect the diversity of region, language, and culture among your classmates, attend classes and field works, take enthusiastic participation in co- and extra-curricular activities, observe punctuality, be properly dressed and always wear I-card for security reasons.

Honouring the limits of time, I deem it important to stop with this short message. I thank all of you for patiently listening to my words. I am thankful to Dr. Deglurkar for his gracious presence at this occasion.

Once again, on behalf of the Institute and also on my own behalf, I am glad to welcome you here today.


Prof. Prasad Joshi
Vice-Chancellor (A)

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