Short Term Course in “Introduction to Linguistics”
Short Term Course in “Introduction to Linguistics”
to be held at the.
Department of Linguistics, Deccan College, Deemed University, Pune
in February 2017

Linguistics is the study of language. We explore the knowledge of sounds, and how words, sentences, conversations etc. are produced and the processes involved in it. We study how we use language to express meaning and applications of Linguistics in various other branches. The course will focus on sound system and its structure, structure of words, sentences, meaning, meaning in context and applications of language study in technology, translation, media, society, language families, Historical Linguistics etc. This course will give you basic understanding of Linguistics. This course will be beneficial for all who are interested in knowing language study or analysis, studying, teaching or researching on language. Also for those candidates who are currently working or are planning to work in areas related to language, pronunciation, grammar etc. They will come to know about their own language and language in general.

Course Dates: 06 February to 24 February 2017.
Timing: 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
For further inquiries, contact:
Course Coordinator
Sambhaji Jadhav
+91 8805694802

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