Special Lecture on "Center-Staging Language and Identity Research from Earthrise Perspectives. Contextualizing Performances in Open Spaces” by Prof. Sangeeta Bagga- Gupta
Date:- 05/10/2016

               Department of Linguistics
Deccan College
Post Graduate and Research Institute (Deemed University)
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Special Lecture

"Center-Staging Language and Identity Research from Earthrise Perspectives. Contextualizing Performances in Open Spaces”

Prof. Sangeeta Bagga- Gupta
Chair, School of Education and Communication
Jönköping University, Sweden

In this presentation I will introduce a “third-position” in our way of thinking about (i) communication in general and language in particular, and (ii) identity (including culture). In this presentation, I use the phenomena of moonrise-sunrise metaphorically to explicate two perspectives that highlight the ways in which we commonly approach and/or understand communication and identity (including culture). Represented by moonrises, the first position highlights a relatively less “visible”
norm that nevertheless potently shapes our understandings of communication and identity. This dominant default norm is marked by a monolingual – monocultural or monoethnic perspective. It is “naturalized” in Eurocentric global North discourses and is often not made visible in either mundane discourses or the academic literature. In other words, this position 1 is taken as the given. In contrast, the more visible second position, represented by sunrises, highlights the common human condition vis-à-vis communication and identity. This condition however, paradoxically gets marked as the deviant, marginalized, not-normal in global North discourses. Position 2 gets framed in academic discourses and commonsensical thinking through concepts like bi/multi/plurilingualism, bi/multiculturalism and multiethnicities. Recent terminology that has emerged within European literature on globalization, framed by migration flows into European geopolitical spaces (and digitalization) include concepts like super/hyperdiversity (Vertovec 2006). I argue that the more common human condition of diversity gets deviantly framed, marking and making visible (albeit as the not-normal) multiple language varieties and membership in multiple cultures and ethnicities. These two positions represent normative global North discourses where communication, identity, including culture are approached through, as well as reduced to, technicalities and essentialistically framed epistemologies. Such understandings are critically relevant for the organizing of institutionalized learning for children and adults across geopolitical spaces generally, and in global North contexts like those of Sweden especially.
Going beyond these two hegemonic positions and informed by decolonial alternative epistemologies, this chapter center-stages a third perspective wherein language-use or languaging and identiting or identity-positionings, including culturing represent dynamically different ways of approaching and/or understanding human behavior and the human condition. Drawing upon the iconic images taken by the crew of Apollo 8 in December 1968, I use the phenomenon of “Earthrise” to substantiate such an alternative position. Earthrise is a phenomenon that contrasts in significant ways with moonrise and sunrise conceptualizations of communicaiton and identity.
Third position, Decolonial, Sociocultural, Languaging, Identiting, Learning, expanded-intersectionality, hybridity-continuum
Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta is full professor of Education at the School of Learning and Communication at Jönköping University, Sweden since 2016, and adjunct professor 2016-17 at Aligarh University, India. She has been full professor at Örebro University, Sweden up until 2016. Bagga-Gupta conducted her doctoral studies at the multidisciplinary department of Communication Studies at Linköping University, Sweden and her post-doctoral studies at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, USA. Her multidisciplinary research focuses communication broadly, identity and learning from ethnographically framed, multi-scalar, sociocultural and decolonial framings. She publishes extensively and in a number of different research domains. She is the Principle Investigator of the new Swedish Research Council project Participation for all? School and post-school pathways of young people (2016-2019; www.ju.se/ccd/pal). She has been the scientific leader of the research group CCD, Communication, Culture and Diversity since the end of the 1990s (www.ju.se/ccd). Sangeeta.bagga-gupta@ju.se

Date: Friday , 14 October 2016
Time: 11:00 am- 1:00 pm                                                                      Dr. Shailendra Mohan
Venue: Conference Hall (Dept. of Linguistics)                                        Professor and Head

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