Archaeology Museum.

  • The main aim of Deccan College museum is educational. It displays selective cultural remains of the human past and is aimed to provide information on Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology to students, teachers as well as general public.

  • To introduce archaeology to general public and school teachers in rural and urban areas, through outreach programmes i.e. exhibition and one-day teacher's workshop in the month of July (since 1996). Exhibitions in urban and rural area are substantiated with lectures and slide shows, which help the general public in understanding our past culture and heritage. Special lectures are also given in schools and colleges whenever asked for. The workshop is for awareness among the schoolteachers who are teaching history in schools. They are introduced to archaeology in greater details with lectures, and visit to various labs and library of the Institute. This ultimately helps them in their classroom teaching.

  • To provide research facility to researchers, on the collections, which are original antiquities from excavated and explored sites by Deccan College throughout India. Thus, serves as excellent study source to scholars and students engaged in archaeological/cultural research.

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