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Trade Term (This cancels our previous trade terms)

  • Actual postal and packing charges to all orders received from outside India.
  • Postal and packing charges to be borne by the person/institution for all the orders up to Rs. 1000/- in India.
  • Free postal and packing charges to the orders above Rs. 1000/- one time.
  • No discount to individual buyers.
  • 20% discount on all the orders up to Rs. 500/-.
  • 25% discount on all the orders which exceeds Rs. 500/-.
  • Except educational and governmental institutions, books will be supplied ONLY on receipt of Advance Payment against Pro forma Invoice.

Conditions of Sale

  • Out-station buyers should remit the amount, either by M. O. or by demand Draft drawn on any Nationalised bank at Pune in the name of 'Deccan College, Pune'.
  • For the convenience of both the supplier and the buyer and for the early delivery of the books, the books are usually supplied by Registered Book Post marked 'printed Books'.
  • Only bulk supply is made by railway freight.
  • Books are supplied at buyer's risk and supplier is not responsible for the books damaged, lost, etc., in transit as also for the delay in delivery of the books.
  • Books once sold and dispatched are not accepted back for any reason on exchanged for other parts.
  • Errors and omissions on the part of the supplier are accepted.
  • Books are not supplied by V.P. P. or on credit basis and the bill will also be not sent to the buyer's banker for collection of the amount.
  • Please address your letters and remittances to the 'The registrar, Deccan College Pune 411 006'.

For further details and enquiry, please contact:
Mr. R. R. Ghanekar, In-charge,
PUNE 411 006 (INDIA).
Phone. No. Off:- 020-26513215.

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