Recent Trends in the Rock Art Studies in the South Asia

International Seminar on “Recent Trends in the Rock Art Studies in the South Asia”
26th -28th December 2016

The Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute, a Deemed University, organized an International seminar on “Recent Trends in the Rock Art Studies in the South Asia” from 26th -28th December 2017. This conference was held to celebrate 150th year of Rock Art Research in India. The Seminar was sponsored by Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi. There has been overwhelming response from scholars and students within the country and outside for this seminar and around 90 delegates have participated and over 57 research papers have been presented covering different theme of rock art research within and outside of India.  A book of abstract has been published and inaugurated on first day of the conference. Proceedings of the conference is under process and soon it will be published.

The seminar dealt with deciphering multiple angle of rock art studies in the world covering the aspects viz; 1) Rock Art Dating and Challenges Ahead 2) Rock Art and Tribal Art 3) Symbols, Language and Meaning in the Rock Art 4) Cognitive and Behavioral Aspects of the Rock art 5) Rock Art- Regional Importance and Contributions 6) Cupules- Antiquity, Continuity and Present perspectives functional paradigms taking into account textual, art-historical, archaeological, religious, cultural, iconological and historical perspectives. 

Taking into the account of 150th year of rock art research in India, an extensive rock art photo exhibition have been held during the seminar. This exhibition have been focused on the following themes
1) Pioneers into the field of Rock Art
2) Rock Art of India and Asia
3) Continuity of Rock Art Traditions in Tribal Art
4) Contribution of Deccan College into Rock art Studies
5) Different Tribal Art in India

A unique opportunity was provided to the participants, to listen to eminent scholars like Prof. A. Sundara, Prof. A. P. Jamkhedkar, Dr. Vasant Shinde,  Prof. V.H. Sonawane, Prof Sadashiba Pradhan and many more who shared their views on Rock Art studies and its future perspectives.

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