SC/ST Cell
SC ST Cell Meeting Resolution, 26th March,2021
Composition of SC/ ST Cell

The composition of SC / ST Cell is made under section of the UGC, New Delhi circular letter No. 2-1/88(SCT), Dated 26-03-88, guidelines of 1998 to the University, comprising of the following members.

  1. Chairperson : Vice Chancellor : Prof. Prasad Joshi
  2. Dean / Heads of Department:
    1. AIHC and Archaeology: Prof. P. D. Sabale
    2. Sanskrit and Lexicography: Prof. Prasad Joshi
    3. Linguistic : Prof. Sonal Kulkarni
  3. Registrar: Administrative Officer: Shri Jagannath Kulkarni
  4. Liaison Officer: Prof. P. D. Sabale
  5. One teacher from each Department
    1. Dr. Trupti More, Library
    2. Dr.KantikumarPawar, AIHC and Archaeology
    3. Dr. Rahul Mhaiskar, Liguistic
    4. Mrs. Vijaya Valhe, Sanskrit and Lexicography
  6. Non teaching members:
    1. Mrs. S. V.Mankar
    2. Mrs. Shobha Kamble
Contact: Dr. P. D. Sable, Liaison Officer SC/ST Cell
Email Id:

UGC SC/ST Cell guidelines:

UGC Letter regarding: Prevention of Caste Based Discrimination in Higher Education Institutions.

SC/ST Students including M.A, M.Phil. and Ph.D. (Year-wise Data):
Year SC ST
2019-20 29 15
2018-19 29 19
2017-18 27 19
Complaints received and Action taken (Year-wise Data)
Year Received Complaints Action taken
2021 1 --

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