The university provides special facilities for the differently abled students to provide them opportunities to adopt quality education and to bring them into the mainstream of the society.

1. Wheel Chair Facility:

The university has a social responsibility and perception that disabled students should be respected and treated as a normal human being. The wheel chair facility (in every Department as well as in the Library) is provided for disabled students.

2. Ramps and Railings:

The university has a special facility of ramp and rails for the differently abled students. Near the main entrances the ramp is clearly identifiable and easily accessible. It can accommodate wheelchair users. Floor steps and ramps have hand railings for support.

3. Special Toilets, Rest Rooms and Class Rooms (including Laboratories):

Modified Toilets, rest rooms and class rooms (including laboratories) are available at ground floor to facilitate the visits of differently abled students.

4. Scribes for Examination:

The university provides or allows the students who find difficulty in writing in the examination to take the help of scribes. The extra time is allowed for disabled students for examinations. As per the Government Circular ED 5 UNE 204/ dated 5.3.2004 and ED 5 UNE 2004, dated 22.3.2004, the following guidelines are to be strictly followed:

  • The blind student may select the scribe
  • The scribe need not have a qualification lower than that of the student , provided that the scribe should not have the qualification (with the same optional and languages) pertaining to the examination, which the student is writing ( for ex: a student who has completed B.A. or M.A. can be a scribe for the students who are taking B.Sc. Examinations)
  • A physically disabled / blind / hearing impaired candidate and the scribes for such a candidate shall be allowed an extra time of 20 minutes per hour.
  • As the hearing impaired students are having language problems, possibilities of grammar mistakes, mistakes in building the sentences are there. Hence, the answer papers shall be identified separately and evaluated with additional care.

5. Special Teaching/Learning and Assessment Practices:

Availability of following teaching/learning practices in the university that has enriched the educational experiences of differently abled students.

  • Wi-Fi Facility
  • Language / Phonetic Laboratory Facility
  • Online Teaching (Lectures recording)
  • Online Examinations

6. Library Facilities:

With support of various assistive technologies, the university has set up a Disability Corner for making our library accessible that can offer the services to disabled students which will enhance their learning experience.

  • The Library possesses Braille Books collection, soft copies of Dictionaries of Sign Language and subscribes Braille Journal regularly
  • Digital Library Access Facility (In-Campus and Remote Access)
  • Audio-Visual Collection Access facility
  • Computer Laboratory Access Facility
  • Access to NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) screen reading Software
  • Access to Low-Vision Aids: Magnifying Lenses/Sheets
  • Access to Free E-Resources for Differently Abled Students through special portal created on library website
  • All Reference, Issue/Return, Photocopying/Printing, Computer Laboratory facilities are extended at ground floor

7. Reservation in Admission

The university has ensured admission of as many differently-abled students as possible through the reservation quota meant for them. Reservation and relaxation for PWD and other applicable categories shall be as per the rules of the State Government what is applicable.


National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC) Scholarships For Differently Abled Students