Award of Scholarships

For Foreign Students

  • The Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Government of India, New Delhi offers scholarships to students, under the cultural exchange programme between India and other countries, to undertake studies for the Ph.D. degree at this Institute. For further details the student shall approach the Council through the Indian Embassy in his country.

For Indian Students

Deccan College Research Scholarship

  • The Institute offers fifteen scholarships of the value of Rs. 400/- p.m. for students admitted to the Ph.D. degree course at the Institute. The student shall apply on a prescribed form as and when the scholarships fall vacant and the Institute invites applications for the same. Rules governing award of these scholarships are given below.

Rules Governing Award of Deccan College Research Scholarship

  • The scholarship shall be awarded to students who have registered for the P.G.DIP./Ph. D. degree at the Institute.
  • Applications for the award of the scholarships shall be considered and suitable decisions taken by the Director in consultation with the teaching faculty members of the Departments of Archaeology and Linguistics. The Director shall be the Chairperson of the meeting. The overall academic record of the applicants shall be the general criterion for the award of the scholarship.
  • The scholarship to a Ph.D. student shall normally be awarded for a period of two years and will be effective from the date of joining. Depending upon the progress of research of the scholar during the previous period of two years, as certified by the respective research guide, the Director may extend the tenure of the scholarship by one year. The scholarship shall be awarded for a maximum period of three years or submission of the thesis, whichever is earlier.
  • The student shall communicate his/her acceptance or otherwise of the scholarship within a period of two months from the date of intimation of the award, failing which the award shall stand cancelled.
  • Application for extension of the scholarship shall be submitted by the student at least one month before the date of expiry of the initial term of two years.
  • For the withdrawal of monthly scholarship amount the scholarship holder shall submit a monthly progress report of the work done by him/her, countersigned by the research guide, to the Accounts Section.
  • The scholarship holder shall open a Saving Bank Account in the Central Bank of India (D.C. Ext. Counter) for the disbursement of his/her monthly scholarship.
  • The scholarship holder, unless otherwise on fieldwork or leave, shall note his/her daily presence in the respective Department by signing the muster.
  • In the case of non-withdrawal of the scholarship for six consecutive months (except under circumstances approved by the Director), the award of scholarship to the student will stand cancelled.
  • Non-observance of the rules governing the scholarship or an adverse report by the research guide of the scholar concerned or the dismissal of the scholar from the Institute for gross misconduct or insubordination may lead to immediate cancellation of his scholarship.
  • If the scholarship holder desires to discontinue the scholarship, prior permission of the Director with recommendation of the research guide and Head of the Department should be obtained.